10 hr course: 2 hours per day

Inclusive sailing courses for people with different capabilities

Get started or continue to improve your skills in the sport of sailing.

sailing, we have the best environment to sail and learn while having fun.

and have fun at the same time. We have designed different types of courses

from 7 years old and without age limitation or special needs.

special needs. All of our sailing technicians-hulls and our

materials are prepared and designed to adapt to all ages.

to suit all audiences.





If it is hot: Swimsuit, T-shirt and shorts, flip-flops or summer trainers A spare T-shirt, Sun cream, cap, towel, bottle of water.


If it's cold: Sports clothes and shoes that can get wet, a Windbreaker and/or waterproof jacket, sun cream Cap or hat, a spare change of clothes, a towel, a bottle of water.